Arts in Unusual Places continues this week. Celebrate the hard work of the VAPA program all over campus. Keep your eyes peeled for cut outs in the style of Matisse near the 200, 300, and 400 buildings, as well as Andy Goldsworthy-style sculptural photography exhibits by Viking Stadium, and more! Also, check out the Sound Garden in the library and listen for performances from our choir, band, theatre, and dance groups.

PALY Instrumental Musical is holding a Jazz Concert later today. Watch the Jazz Band preform in the historic Haymarket Theatre at 7 PM later tonight.

Agora Magazine, Paly’s premier foreign policy journal, is looking for interested students to join their publication. With collaboration from the Society for International Affairs at Stanford, they publish analyses and op-eds on current affairs and global trends. If you are interested in International Relations, Foreign Policy, or International Political Economics, go to palyagora.us to sign up, and come to the first meeting of the semester tomorrow in room 812.